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Destination Health is the ultimate resource for drivers who believe in REAL FUEL! We are dedicated to help understand and reverse the effects of your current diet and lifestyle based on your bio-individual nutritional needs.

Our Mission

To empower a healthy tribe to achieve and maintain optimal health through knowledge and awareness.

Healthy Tribe

Healthy Tribe creates a space for smart discussions and authentic connection making in an easy-to-navigate forum. The purpose of this site is to foster a tribe of shared beliefs and values and provide a place where our tribe can come together for knowledge and support while on their journey to achieving optimal health.

We also offer our tribe opportunities to get their questions answered by our Destination Health Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioners. The unique mix personal and professional development gives you a chance to connect with and learn from a from a global tribe of people with a mission to improve their lives.

HealthyTribe is the only group on the planet dedicated to helping 100,000 or more drivers get outrageously healthy, lose weight, cure diabetes, reverse metabolic syndrome, lower blood pressure, and just feel amazing!

Are you ready to "Master Your Journey" to a healthy vibrant lifestyle?

Together we can make a difference
Together we can lift each other up 
Together we can achieve optimal health and wellness

Discover a wide-range of online courses and programs that you can take at your own pace. You'll find courses on topics such as Keto, Digestion, Metabolic Syndrome, and Mindfulness. Our online courses will guide you step-by-step as you learn how you can live a more healthy and vibrant life.

Figuring out what supplements you should take can be overwhelming. We've made it easy for you by creating kits and protocols that let you know what you should take for certain issues, how much you should take and when, and why it is helpful. Here are the kits and protocols you'll find within Health Tribe:

You can follow and easily find various topics that you are interested in so you don't miss a thing. Inside of Healthy Tribe you will find topics such as:

Terms of Use

We’re committed to making Healthy Tribe a safe place to hang. Content that threatens people, has the potential to intimidate, or fighting with others is not allowed and won’t be tolerated. Zero tolerance, no refunds!